“It’s not too often that you see the kind of work ethic, attention to detail, and professionalism that we saw from Chandler Huston and his crew.  Chandler met with us in the development of our plans, was timely and knowledgeable in his response to our questions and kept us informed every step of the way.  He and his crew were phenomenal in their hard and careful work and we especially appreciated their courteous demeanor and attention to keeping the building site tidy.  The twenty four inch thick walls with the layered increments give the house a massive quality that contributes to a sense 'of place' and stability.  We look forward to enjoying our home for the rest of our lives." -Karl & Maria Anderson

 "I cannot commend Huston Rammed Earth enough as the best rammed earth contractor.  Of all the sub contractors that we dealt with building the home of our dreams, Chandler and his crew did an excellent job, timely, with excellent communication and great attention to detail.  It was a joy to have them on the job site and I am almost tempted to build again so they can general contract the entire project.  There is no builder I would recommend over Huston. We are thrilled to show our unique and comfortable home as an example of Chandler’s work.  Viva Huston!" -Cynthia and Jon Lazzaretti

"Chandler Huston, third generation of rammed earth contractor, gently lifted the steel form away from the newly rammed earth wall with his Bobcat.  His crew guided the heavy steel form to a new location along the exterior stem wall for the next section of rammed earth.  We just stared and were amazed.  It was more beautiful than anything we had expected.  There are swirls of variegated colors flowing in the layers, or 6” lifts of the wall from floor to ceiling.  In truth the color of the walls changes throughout the day as the outside lighting changes.  This was more than we had hoped for.  We could live with this. Our home is not only beautiful but seems essential to achieving the combination of green construction and renewable energy balance necessary for reducing our impact on the environment. Thank you, Huston Rammed Earth for the critical help in making this possible." -John & Jean Lyle

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