Rammed Earth Process

From Earth 1 to Peb 8A

Our custom-built pug mill is what sets us apart from all other rammed earth builders. By creating a consistent mixture of earth, water and cement, we can assure the walls are of the highest quality thoughout the project.

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This mixture is then delivered by conveyor into our custom-built forms. In less than a minute, the mixture is delivered to the forms and tamped in place, preventing the mixture from setting up too quickly. Backfill tampers are used to compress 6 to 8 inch layers of stabilized soil into 4 1/2 to 5 inch lifts.

Once each section of forms is full, the next section of forms is stacked and rammed between the 8' long forms until the entire wall has been built up to the specified height. The forms are then removed and the next section of wall is formed and built.

The result is a solid wall with an initial compressive strength of at least 30 psi. This increases to at least 300 psi after a few days, eventually reaching a compressive strength of up to 850 psi. New Mexico state rammed earth code requires minimum 300 psi.

During the building process we have samples of our walls tested by an engineering firm to ensure our walls meet or exceed state building codes. Our walls consistently test well beyond the requirement. Electrical boxes or conduit can be laid in the wall during the ramming process.

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