Environmentally Responsible

  • Energy Efficient
  • Chemical-free
  • Earth-friendly
  • Low Maintenance
  • Peaceful
  • Secure

Benefits of Rammed Earth Construction

Energy Efficient - Two-foot thick monolithic rammed earth walls provide high thermal mass, which translates into energy savings. Both cooling and heating energy requirements are minimized, so owners for centuries to come will enjoy the comfort and savings.

Earth Friendly - Rammed earth construction uses no wood. Crusher waste, a road building by-product, is used in the rammed earth mixture. Only 6% of the rammed earth mixture is cement; the rest is just earth and water.

Low Maintenance - Rammed earth walls can be left exposed with a clear sealer which allows the natural color of the walls to show through. The natural look eliminates the need for paint or other continual maintenance. The interior walls may be finished in a variety of ways such as smooth plaster or mud plaster. Natural exterior walls with adobe interior walls make a particularly pleasing combination. Exterior walls can be left exposed or stuccoed in your choice of color.

Noise Reduction - The thickness of the walls makes the rammed earth home a quiet haven, no matter how noisy the neighborhood.

Strength and Safety - These walls don't burn! They are bullet and impact-proof too. Rammed earth walls actually get stronger as they age.

Monolithic Walls

Rammed earth is an energy efficient, low maintenance, earth-friendly building technique. Rammed earth walls reduce exterior noise infiltration, maintain an interior ambient temperature and increase in compressive strength as they age. These massive walls offer fire safety superior to concrete.

Huston Rammed Earth walls are normally two feet thick, composed of layers or lifts of moist soil that have been stabilized with a 6% addition of cement. Huston Rammed Earth uses a custom-designed Continuous Mixing Soil Stabilizer to achieve a smooth infusion of soil and stabilizer, assuring an even distribution throughout the monolithic walls.



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