Rammed Earth

Rammed Earth Benefits
Energy Efficient - Two-foot thick monolithic rammed earth walls provide high thermal mass, which translates into energy savings. Both cooling and heating energy requirements are minimized, so owners for centuries to come will enjoy the comfort and savings...

Rammed Earth Planning
Huston Rammed Earth provides value engineering. Bring your schematic plans and we'll help you find the best and most cost effective way to build your house...

Rammed Earth History
Rammed earth, also known as "pise de terre", is an ancient building technique used to construct such historic structures as the Great Wall of China, Hannibal's watchtowers and 820 b.c. structures in ancient Carthage.

Rammed Earth Process
Our custom-built pug mill is what sets us apart from all other rammed earth builders. By creating a consistent mixture of earth, water and cement, we can assure the walls are of the highest quality thoughout the project.

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